Wanda Vista Kunming

Wanda Vista Kunming features 297 spacious guestrooms and suites with elegant design and deluxe decorations. There’s a variety of choices for food & beverage facilities, including the Café Vista, ZHEN-Chinese Restaurant and Chili & Pepper –specialty restaurant, so no matter where you end up, every appetite for great dining and entertainment will be satisfied.Wanda Vista Kunming The grand ballroom and function rooms measure nearly 2,200 square meters and can cater for your special meeting or event.Wanda Vista Kunming largest pillar-less Grand Ballroom, with 1,300 square meters, is one of the best choices for high-end and personalized events and conferences.

Brand: WANDA Hotels & Resorts

Time gives birth to life, and time also sculptures life.
Space carries life, and space also changes life.
Such life is the soul with which Wanda endows its painting works. Paint as a representative of craftsmanship and culture came into being before the establishment of the Xia dynasty. With mind as the brush and paint as the pigment and drawing upon the inheritance and innovation of additional Chinese painting, Wanda vividly depicts in The Ancient Rhyme of Chengdu the great prosperity and cultural traditions of the city of Chengdu over 1,000 years since North Song. Meanwhile, Chengdu’s pride as a paint art center in the world since the Han Dynasty is also highlighted in the work. Another painting, entitled Butterflies Linger Over Chengdu, refines the city into a giant flower, with alternate gold and silver lines and pink entwined with green. The work renders Butterflies over Flowers, a lyrics name originated in the prime Tang Dynasty, into unique paintings which correspond to "golden thread", “bead curtain roll” and “phoenix dwells on Chinese parasol tree” of the lyric namesake, giving viewers a real eye-opener to Chengdu’s grace and fashion today.


  • 会员5882:旁边就是万达广场,吃饭购物很方便,房间大设施也很好,只是附近没有地铁吧,出行都是打的滴滴
  • 会员6810:酒店位置不错,楼下就是万达商场,购物就餐非常方便,到机场打车30分钟就到,也不用太着急。早餐要重点说一下,品类太丰富了~还有自助鲜榨果汁蔬菜汁的台子,小朋友觉得很有意思。点赞一下早餐的煎饼果子,虽然只有一小块,但是是味道很正宗的天津煎饼果子,让我这个天津人在外地也能一饱口福。过了万达对面的马路,有一个非常繁华的烧烤夜市,推荐老挝手打纸袋奶茶,还有眼睛烧烤隔壁一家都是年轻人的海鲜烧烤,特别好吃,尤其是碳烤生蚝,蒜蓉调的很有特色。
  • 会员9872:这是继长沙之后入住的第二家富力万达文华酒店,很满意,万达的选址很巧妙,不在市中心,但是也不会在很郊区,周围商业也完全被万达带动起来,去各个市区内景点距离不超过十公里,在叫车极其方便的时代这个位置真的性价比很高,酒店很新,房间很大,装修一惯的现代,典雅,同时小细节上又带有当体特色。所有设施都很好,没有雷,可见管理非常细致,早餐很棒,既有当地特色又有能满足不同口味所需,而且蔬菜和杂粮品种特别多,非常健康 入住恰逢中秋节,酒店贴心赠送了一盒月饼,而且都是非常时髦的口味,有巧克力,提拉米苏,奶黄等等 非要说一点点不足就是吹风机实在太小了,头发长的女生可能要吹一个小时
  • 会员4803:万达文华的服务意识特别强。从门童到早餐餐厅服务员,到打扫阿姨,基本上都会主动迎上来。看到客人的服务意识非常强,在国内酒店里做的算非常棒了。酒店早餐的鲜花饼现烤出的,非常好吃。米线一般。西餐面包的种类不多,可能是疫情原因,备餐比较节约的,也挺好吧。客房很干净,设施也很新。洗漱沐浴露香味很好闻。符合酒店五星的定位。


Wanda Vista Kunming

  • Address :  No. 888 Qianxing Road, Xishan District, Kunming, China

  • Reserve :  008620-8600 9099 (CouponCode:12497)
    Busy or no answer, online booking please!

  • Foreground Tel: 0871-68038888
      (Catering Entertainment)

Wanda Vista Kunming reserve:020-86009099 (CouponCode:12497) Busy or no answer, online booking please!
Catering Entertainment:0871-68038888   Meeting room reserve

Wanda Vista Kunming address: No. 888 Qianxing Road, Xishan District, Kunming, China

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